About Us


At Euphoria Salon & Spa, we are dedicated to service with natural and safe products, delivered by staff educated and trained to the highest professional level. We offer a friendly, relaxed environment and take pride in exceeding our guests’ expectations every visit.

Since we have not yet opened a salon in Europe, we brought part of Europe here with our Owner/Color Specialist, Yana!

Yana’s quest of excellence is admired by all of her clients. Her general hilarity and fun loving spirit only adds the finishing touch to this artistic designer. Her 20 years of experience allows her to specialize in various salon services including anything associated with curly hair, hair straightening and threading of unwanted hair.

She is also known as our Goddess of Color Correction. Her recent specialization in using a Japanese technique in straightening the most unmanageable curly hair is second to none. If you ever dreamed of having true wash and go straight hair – Yana with her Japanese technique is your answer. After having this procedure, you will thank Yana every morning since you will NOT have to get up that extra 30-45 minutes to blow your hair straight! Ah, what a life!




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