Purchase a series of 5 massages and get your 6th massage FREE!

Hot Stone 60 min/$125  90 min/$175

Using Swedish massage techniques and rhythmic Hawaiian Lomi Lomi theory (based on connecting the heart, mind, body and soul), smooth hot and cool stones are placed strategically at vital energy points on the body to dissolve stress, east tension and soothe sore muscles.


Aromatherapy 60 min/$90  90 min/$125

Essential oils are used to take you on a personal sensory journey. This massage works on the connective tissues and improves the flow of energy, while detoxifying the body.


Swedish 60 min/$80  90 min/$115  120 min/$140

Relax, recharge and re-energize yourself with the therapeutic full body massage that releases knots and tensions from weary muscles through a combination of traditional long, kneading strokes and friction.


Deep Tissue 30 min area focus/$70  60 min/$100  90 min/$140  120 min/$180

An intensive invigorating treatment focusing on the deeper layer of tissue and muscle. It assists in the elimination of toxins. Recommended for highly active or stressed individuals.


Reflexology 30 min/$65

A treatment based on the theory that the entire body is mapped out with association points on the feet, hands and ears. This massage primarily uses a thumbing technique, working the soles of the feet to release blockages and to restore a healthy balance to the body. Guests benefit greatly in the release of endorphins while ‘specific’ reflex points are pressed.


Pre-Natal Massage 60 min/$90

The stress and discomfort of prenatal changes are relieved using specially designed massage techniques. Recommended only after the first trimester.


Hands and Feet Massage 30 min/ $63

Hands and feet muscles are in use throughout the day every day.  This treatment is intended to relax, reduce pain and stiffness along with swelling of the extremities.  This pampering treatment also offers the benefit of skin exfoliation to soften and moisturize your overworked arms, hands, legs, and feet.





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